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Xerjoff’s scent in Turin


Xerjoff returns home. After opening various stores around the world (2 monobrand stores in London at Harrods one in 2014 and a second one last July, and in Dubai in 2010) it recently inaugurated a new flagship store in Turin, the city where everything started ten years ago

The Xerjoff perfumery boutique is located in the very center of the city at Via Cavour 1. The space conceived by Sergio Momo, the brand’s founder, is well finished and extremely refined, and it is developed on multiple floors. It is designed to show the 4 different fragrances lines: Xerjoff, with the collections 17/17, Shooting Stars, JTC-Join the Club, Oud Stars, XJ Oud, 1861 and the lines Casamorati, Kemi and Sospiro. Faithful to their elective affinities, the perfumes will dialogue from time to time, with different forms of expression ranging from art to high-gastronomy, from fashion to the most extraordinary expressions of creativity, in an always-renewed synesthesia. Mr. Momo said, “Even if a perfume is ethereal, impalpable, evanescent, once it enters into our lives, its presence becomes incredibly perceivable and evident.” He continued, “The lightness of the scent has the strength to give form to fantastic landscapes and to stimulate our imagination and enliven our senses. A particular shade suggests a form, and it transforms itself into a color, a setting, creating infinite connections.” The Xerjoff new space in Turin is conceived to favor this three-dimensional synesthetic evolution, conveying it to all its visitors.