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Xerjoff 1986: the solidarity perfume


For the project “Spray to help”, Xerjoff created the 1986 Parfum, essence aimed at supporting the work of the Piedmontese foundation Candiolo for the fight against cancer. A successful mix of natural elements stimulating physical and mental wellbeing.

Every perfume lover knows that: essences can enrich our daily life, stimulating our imagination abilities and giving life to charming synaesthetic processes. An opportunity that everyone should be able to enjoy. This is the reason that led Xerjoff Group, leading company in luxury perfumery, to create “Spray to help”, a project developed to support Italian and international foundations committed to fighting every day in favour of disadvantaged people, touching different fields of action. The mission is to promote substantial improvements in the way how the world addresses the territory and the community, contributing to reaching solidarity development goals. Particularly, the contribution of Xerjoff consisted in the creation of Xerjoff 1986 Parfum, an essence aimed at supporting the work of the Piedmontese foundation Candiolo on cancer research, founded in 1986 to offer a significant contribution to defeating this disease.

Xerjoff 1986 is the fruit of a skilful mix of natural elements, tangerine, green tea and neroli, whose characteristics promote mental openness and give wellness and strength to the whole organism, both at physical and emotional level. “Choosing to adopt a specific project making our own creativity and premises available and contributing to its realisation with the whole company is one of the most effective ways to leave a tangible mark, investing in the future and in the common good – highlights Sergio Momo, founder and CEO of Xerjoff Group. I am proud to work at this project and to lend a hand to such an important body as is Candiolo Foundation.” Part of the proceeds from the sale of the perfumes, available at the monobrand boutique Xerjoff in Turin, (Via Cavour 1) and on the official website, will be donated to the cause, as solidarity can also be expressed through the desire to be enveloped by a scented aura.