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Woodnest, green paradise


The Helen & Hard architecture firm has designed Woodnest a series of small tree houses that offer breath-taking views of the nature surrounding Odda, Norway.

Never so much as nowadays, during a pandemic, has the home been compared to a warm, enveloping and protective nest. “Woodnest” is a project created by the Norwegian architectural firm Helen & Hard, and even though it was conceived in a pre-pandemic period, it perfectly expresses this state of mind. “Woodnest” is made up of a series of original tree houses, built at a height of 5/6 meters, on the wooded hills above Odda in Norway, with a breath-taking view of the surrounding natural landscape that runs along the Hardangerfjord.

“We wanted to allow people to experience what it means to truly live immersed in nature. Let them appreciate the colours, scents, sounds, noises of nature” explained the designers of the project. Noises such as those made at dawn by a squirrel which, sneaks into the tree house looking for food, waking you up with a smile. The journey to the site begins with a 20-minute walk from the town of Odda, on the edge of the fjord and into the forest by taking a steep and winding path. “Woodnest”, which is accessed via a small wooden bridge, covers an area of only 15 square meters, but it is equipped with every comfort (underfloor heating, Wi-Fi, etc.)

The interior space develops around the tree’s central trunk and it includes four beds, a bathroom, a kitchen area and a living space. The interiors are furnished with complements made by Norwegian companies and locally sourced products. At the heart of the “Woodnest” project there is obviously wood, a material whose great potential is best exploited also as a tribute to Norwegian vernacular architecture.