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Women in fashion according to Norman Parkinson


Photographers Norman Parkinson, Milton Greene, Terence Donovan, Terry O'Neill and Jerry Schatzberg changed the way of portraying women in fashion in the years between 1948 and 1968. An exhibition tells us about it.

Twenty years of fashion photography retraced through the works of Norman Parkinson and four other internationally known photographers: Milton Greene, Terence Donovan, Terry O’Neill and Jerry Schatzberg. The exhibition is entitled “Norman Parkinson & Fashion Photography 1948 – 1968” and it will be running until December 13th at the Bisazza Foundation (Viale Milano, 56) in Montecchio Maggiore (VI). Curated by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz and organized by the Bisazza Foundation together with Iconic Images – one of leading agencies in the management of photographic art archives – the exhibition is divided into seven different sections – Glamour Fifties, Swinging Sixties, City Style, The Art of Travel, Postwar Couture, Exceptional Gowns and Iconic – within which 70 works are exhibited. Iconic images that, besides depicting those years, express a new way of photographing women. Norman Parkinson’s works were characterized by a creativity outside the box that led him to portray, for the first time, the models no longer in photographic studios, but in locations such as streets, beaches, and urban environments.

The British Terence Donovan and Terry O’Neill captured in their shootings the sparkling atmosphere of London in the 1960’s, while Milton Greene became famous for fashion shoots and for photographing numerous celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe. Lastly Jerry Schatzberg, an American like his colleague Greene, was appreciated for the sensitivity and narrative quality of his iconic portraits. “This exhibition, said the curator, shows photography as a force capable of shaping the worlds of media: icons that are arranged along an extraordinary narrative path made of glamor and style.”

Above: From the roof of the Condé Nast building on Lexington Avenue. With a view of the Chrysler and Empire State buildings, New York, American Vogue, 15 October 1949. Photo: Norman Parkinson, Credits Iconic Images. Detail