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Uden Overdose for Gemini


Xerjoff Horoscope 2019 - Uden Overdose for Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

The Gemini is an extremely extrovert and communicative sign. They love interaction, parties, meetings, and all those occasions that allow them to express themselves and to show their multifaceted personality. This energy rush sometimes looks unreasonable; they tend to let themselves be guided by imagination, risking to appear a bit confused to others.

The duality of the sign is another characteristic of the Gemini that manifests their lack of clarity. From lovable and joyful they can also easily become irritable and grouchy, leaving those who do not know them well very surprised. However, thanks to this wide range of moods that cross the sign and thanks to the Gemini’s complex personality they are able to adapt to different situations. From a professional point of view they know how to deal with problems in a very analytical way, analyzing the issues from different perspectives.

The restlessness typical of the sign, characterizes the beginning of 2019, where the Gemini feel the urge to settle once and for all those issues, concerning their professional and personal life, which they were not able to solve and have left behind.

Uden Overdose from the Shooting Star Collection by Xerjoff with its fresh and citrus notes (among the elements that compose it there is lemon and grapefruit) appears to be the perfect perfume to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue that afflict the Gemini. A fragrance to ease all those requiring and irritating situations the Gemini needs to settle.