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Tour Triangle: vertical Paris


Almost half a century after the construction of the Tour de Montparnasse, a new building will change the Parisian skyline: this is the Tour Triangle designed by the architectural firm Herzog et de Meuron.

It is a love – hate relationship that binds Paris to its tallest buildings: at first strongly debated, then widely appreciated to the point of making them the symbols of the city.

This is what happened with the Eiffel Tower (324 meters) and then with the Tour Montparnasse (209 meters). Who knows if the story will repeat itself with the Tour Triangle that should be built in 2024, after years of political and environmental disputes, when the French capital will host the Olympic games. The building designed by Herzog et de Meuron will use solar and wind energy. It will be highly sustainable from an energy point of view producing four times less CO2 than a skyscraper of the same size.

Its pyramidal shape has been specifically designed to obscure the surrounding buildings as little as possible. In glass and steel, La Tour Triangle will host a luxury hotel (120 rooms with a sky bar), offices, co-working spaces, restaurants, a wellness center, a nursery, a 540m² cultural structure, 180 meters high for 42 floors. It will be surrounded by a 8,000 m² public garden and will be located near Porte de Versailles, in the south of Paris, within the Exhibition Park.