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Thirteen Galloping Horses for Milan


A group of famous international designers interpreted Leonardo da Vinci’s famous horse. Thirteen interesting projects that are now located in different areas of Milan

On the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death numerous initiatives will celebrate the infinite and multidisciplinary creativity of the Italian genius. Among these is the “Leonardo Horse Project”, an initiative curated by Massimo Temporelli and Cristina Morozzi who asked 13 international designers to reinterpret the equestrian statue designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1482/1493 as part of a monument to Francesco Sforza.  Of it, Leonardo was able to complete only one model in clay that was lost, but thanks to his drawings, various horse versions were made, including that of the sculptress Nina Akamu in 1999, placed at the entrance of the San Siro racetrack for horse racing. In this very place the 13 reinterpreted horses were exhibited until the end of April.

Starting from May they have been located in different Leonardian locations in Milan where they will remain until the end of October. Regarding the designers selected for the project, Cristina Morozzi explained that her choice “…focused on figurative designers, with drawing abilities, characterized by an eclectic approach, skilled at designing objects as well as at creating decorative interventions, endowed with a futuristic vision, and nourished by a culture reminiscent of local craft traditions; real and imaginary travellers, always looking for new suggestions. ”  The designers involved in the project are Markus Benesch, Marcelo Burlon, Antonio Marras, Vito Nesta, Marcel Wanders, Serena Confalonieri, Matteo Cibic, Simone Crestani, Roberto Fragata, Andrea Mancuso, Mario Trimarchi, Daniele Papuli, and Elena Salmistraro.

Above: Leonardo’s horse project: In the Shadow of Leonardo I Feel Like a Magician by Marcel Wanders