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The Great Empty: the new face of places


The New York Times has launched “The Great Empty” project asking various photographers to document the new face of places in this period of social distancing.

In a hurry, immersed in a thousand commitments, distracted by the crowd and traffic, very often our way of looking at places is superficial, so much so that we could say that we often look, but do not really see. That is, the places we go through or where we linger become almost invisible to our sight. This period of social distancing has made cities deserted, silent, and almost ghostly.

To document the sudden change that is affecting the different areas of our planet, The New York Times launched the project “The Great Empty” asking various photographers, from all over the world, to capture this new and surprising reality.

The shots (from Place de la Concorde in Paris to Time Square in New York, from the Ramblas in Barcelona to the Navigli in Milan, and from Potsdamer Platz in Berlin to the Opera House in Sydney etc.) are of a metaphysical beauty, revealing their hidden soul a reality that we had long forgotten. Other images can be viewed at the official New York Times website.

Above: New York City, The Great Empty, The New York Times