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The evolution of Automotive between graphics and design


The m.a.x. museum in Chiasso traces the history of the automobile and the evolution of its style through the close relationship that the automotive industry has maintained with the graphics and design industry

The m.a.x. museum in Chiasso (Via Dante Alighieri 6), presents an exhibition entitled “Auto Che Passione!– Interazione fra grafica e design, which will be on show until January 27th.

The exhibition celebrates 100 years anniversary of the automobile starting from the beginning of the 20th century -when a series of technological innovations have revolutionized our way of life- and it will document the evolution of style through advertising graphics, drawings, postcards and design objects. It is thanks to graphics and design that the role of car bodywork has been up-graded from the functional level to the aesthetic one. The most important car manufacturers have in fact entrusted the image of their company and that of advertising to artists who have contributed to shaping the ‘culture of the car‘ still present today. Design has also played an important role, as demonstrated by the commitment in the automotive field of well-known designers such as Pininfarina, Giugiaro, Zagato and Sbarro who, through their creations, have marked the spirit of the time.

The fruitful collaboration between the automotive, the graphics and design industries, is illustrated by the exhibition through the exhibition of over 300 items including large-format chromolithograph posters, advertising graphics, drawings, postcards and design objects. Until December 8th 2018, twelve of the most iconic vintage cars will be exhibited in the adjacent Spazio Officina. From the Prinetti & Stucchi (1899) to the Iso Rivolta Vision (2017), from the Bugatti T 35 (1925) to the Pagani Huayra Coupé (2016), From the Alfa Romeo SS Villa d’Este (1952) to the  De Tomaso Pantera GTS (1974) from the Lancia Astura (1933) to the Lamborghini 400 GT (1966), from the  Ferrari 275 GTB (1965) to the Alfa Romeo V6 Vittoria (1995).

Above: Fabio Luigi Rapi, Isotta Fraschini DS 104 mod. 20/30 HP 1910, color print, Collezione Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile, Torino