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TeamLab: The Future of Art is Digital


In Tokyo the first Museum fully dedicated to digital art by teamLab showing virtual works with a strong spectacular impact

The artificial island of Odaiba, Tokyo, recently hosted the inauguration of the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless.

The museum was curated by teamLab, the Japanese organisation famous for its ability to combine figurative art and virtual reality technologies, creating immersive installations with a strong spectacular impact. Founded by engineer Toshiyuki Inoko in 2001, teamLab includes a large number of artists, engineers, mathematicians, architects and programmers, all working at the creation of installations/artworks whose aim is to explore the complex and ancient relationship between man and nature, using the most advanced technological tools.“We want to break down the boundaries between the various arts, that between art and audience and that between us and the others, allowing visitors to melt into art becoming part of it”, a spokesperson of the team stated about the purpose of his work.

Indeed, in most cases the installations of the Japanese group use advanced interaction systems, giving the public an active and essential role in the development of the project. The new museum space of over 10,000 square metres is divided in five sections. Inside this space the 50 installations by teamLab do not have clear borders yet; as a matter of fact, their peculiarity is to move from one space to the other, in a continuous overlapping and blending process.