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Tattoo Art: a scene in continuous evolution


Tattoo art is a very ancient form of art; its origins date back to the dawn of times.

It was used differently according to different cultures, for therapeutic purposes (this is the case of the tattoos discovered on the prehistoric mummy of a man found in Pazyryk in Central Asia), as a sort of id card or even as a rite of passage (this was generally performed in ancient Egypt and Rome). In the Middle Ages tattoos were forbidden, and in the XIX century they were often associated, due to the writings of Cesare Lombroso, with moral degradation. Tattoo art was rediscovered in the 60’s, and early 70’s as a part of the hippies’ and bikers’ cultures. Nowadays, this form of art is witnessing a new massive diffusion, as it is also demonstrated by Forever More the book edited by Gestalten and curated by Hannah Graves. The book focuses on the Underground culture and it highlights the various styles of different tattoo artists allowing creativity to flourish, giving life to extremely fascinating and innovative styles and narrations.