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Surfing on the Art world


Sport pays tribute to the great art, through a collection of surfboards decorated with paintings ranging from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. The authors of the project are the French art gallery Boom-art and the brand UWL

Who knows, perhaps part of the attractiveness that surfing is having nowadays is also due to the fact that this sport seems a perfect metaphor of our current existential condition.

Today, thanks to the internet we “surf” the web in time and space, venturing ourselves with a click in different and distant historical periods, penetrating within a few seconds into antithetic artistic and expressive universes. Deep down the web is nothing more than a large sea in which we ride the waves, opening up a gap among the immense amount of information that may submerge us. A freedom, the one we have available today that allows us to express ourselves creatively through choices that at times may be risky, like that of combining modern and ancient, mixing very distant disciplines between them.

The French art gallery Boom-art has adventured itself in such a project, and in collaboration with surfboard manufacturer UWL it has created a limited edition (10 pieces for each) surfboard collection portraying paintings ranging from different art periods. The project that marvellously combines technology, modern design and classical art, demonstrates how sports can become an important vehicle for making great art accessible to a wider public.