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Soho House: a Club for Creative Minds


Bringing people together, networking and high level hospitality is what guarantees Soho House to be an internationally widespread club project

The club, intended as a place whose members are linked by common interests, has ancient origins. It seems that the creation of the first club called La Court de Bonne Compagnie (the Court of Good Company), took place in England in the fifteenth century, at the time of Henry IV.

Over time, clubs have evolved, changing the once very rigid rules and dress codes. An eloquent example of a contemporary club, capable of grouping people together, networking and offering high level hospitality, is provided by the Soho House, a project originated from Nick Jones’s inspiration.

The restaurateur Nick Jones, is the one who gave life in 1995 to the first Soho House opened in London at 40 Greek Street. Structured on three floors, the space, is characterized by warm and refined furniture, and reserved for creative minds, a rule that still applies. In fact still nowadays, to be admitted to the club, it is necessary to pass a strict selection by the welcoming committee. In over 20 years the project has greatly expanded so that currently the Soho House structures are present in various parts of the world including the United States, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Holland, India and by 2020 also Italy, precisely in Milan. However, the philosophy that invades them is similar: every Soho House must in fact favour intimate atmospheres, with a proposal that ranges from gourmet restaurants, roof bars, swimming pools, cinemas, SPAs, and rooms for overnight stays.

Among the most iconic European Soho Houses there is definitely the one in Berlin, located in Torstrasse 1, in a rationalist building of the late twenties designed by the architects Georg Bauer and Siegfried Friedlander, as well as the latest built and very welcoming, in Amsterdam, located in the Bungehuis palace in Spuistraat, in the city centre, in a functionalist complex of 1932, overlooking the canal. The hotel has 79 rooms, an Italian restaurant, a SPA and a rooftop swimming pool.

Marquee –Xerjoff JTC

Even the perfume world has its own Club. It is the one proposed by Xerjoff with the JTC collection, which includes different essences, each one dedicated to a Club of choice where to share unique and special passions. Among the various essences of the collection there is Marquee; with it Xerjoff invites us to the theatre, to discover the lively scent of the backstage, an authentic show inside the show. Marquee, essence draws inspiration from the legendary stages of London’s West End, Broadway’s theatres and the Opera in Paris, capturing the distinctive scent of the backstage. A shimmering blend of delicious and powdery notes like the pastries eaten before the curtain opens on stage. Marquee is pure theatricality, distilled in a fragrance, sparkling and luxurious at the same time.

Above: An example of Soho House Interior characterized by a warm and cozy atmosphere.