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Sky Pool, floating in the air in London


A 35m-high suspended pool offering an amazing view on the city will be inaugurated next spring in London.

The idea of the project came to life in 2013, one of the warmest summers in Europe, that convinced the creative team of Embassy Garden to design in London one of the world’s most spectacular pools. After years spent establishing sizes, materials, shape, the project will finally see the light in spring 2021. The pool, located in the residential district of Nine Helms, that occupies a large area of the South bank of the Thames will join two buildings at 35 metres of height offering an amazing view of the city.

“We wanted to do something that had never been done before – said Sean Murlyan, the project’s developer. Swimming in the sky pool will truly be a unique experience, it will feel like floating in the air. The structure is the result of substantial technological advancements occurred in the last decade. We wanted to push the boundaries of engineering”.

The pool, made of acrylic, is fully transparent, 25 metres long, 5 metres large and 3 metres deep and joins two prestigious buildings for 14, vacuum-suspended metres. The pool is part of a much bigger project of modernisation of the residential district of Nine Elms that is changing its face thanks to the arrival of important brands and diplomatic offices such as Apple and the U.S. Embassy.”.