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Serena Confalonieri: An Art Nouveau toast


Designed during the lockdown by Serena Confalonieri, the collection “Calypso”, thanks to its pastel colours and styles clearly inspired by Art Nouveau, evokes a sense of lightness able to brighten the darkness of this period.

For many of us, during the lockdown the home environment has regained a leading role. In fact, we have started again to take care of all those details and aspects, among which the decoration objects composing it, long neglected due to our hectic daily schedule. But even for designers this period has not been unproductive at all, but one to reflect on the meaning of their work and specially to imagine and meet those needs and wishes that consumers will inevitably express in the post-covid period. Serena Confalonieri, designer skillfully moving from product to graphic and textile design and who has already had important collaborations with furniture and home and tableware design brands, is certainly among them. Indeed, during the lockdown months she designed the collection Calypso that she described to us using these words: “The idea of the ‘Calypso’ collection was born during the lock-down: for all the people who weren’t directly touched by the virus, the months of forced closure were indeed a moment of deep reflection, but also a stressful situation, to which, in many cases, we vented through drinking and eating.

This compulsiveness stole the joy of these gestures, usually linked to sociability, that’s why I had the idea of working on objects that could bring joy and lightness back to these moments. I therefore imagined a collection that could give the idea of drinking from colorful and exotic flowers, as if, instead of confined to our homes, we were on a beautiful desert island and were enjoying the sweetness of its lush nature. To this idea I then added a research into the art nouveau visual imaginary, in which the floral element is combined with an enchanting lightness and femininity, underlined by touches of color that fade leaving room for transparency.” Made up of glasses, cups and bottle in blown borosilicate glass, “Calypso” is a playful and elegant collection with which the designer invites us to look beyond these gloomy times, when we will finally get back to a light and bright conviviality.

Above: “Calypso” Collection. Design: Serena Confalonieri. Ph: Andrea Agrati.