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Rome, an Eternal Charm


A charming photographic portrait of Rome brings together images from the 1840’s to the present day all highlighting the extraordinary beauty of Italy’s Capital

Images of the ancient Roman Empire, of Rome during the Renaissance period, the baroque Rome and the rationalist one of the 20’s, the lively and creative Rome of the Dolce Vita and and the legendary Cinecittà Film Studios where some of the greatest masterpieces of cinema were filmed. Furthermore, the Rome labeled ‘the Hollywood on the Tiber’ frequented by great actors and international VIPs, the Neorealist Rome, of the working class-suburbs described by Pier Paolo Pasolini and the glamor Rome of the numerous fashion ateliers and of the great designers who chose the Italian Capital as a magnificent set to present their creations. All these facets of the Eternal City are summarized in “Rome – Portrait of a City” a beautiful photographic book published by Taschen.
A collection of about 500 sepia, black-and-white, and color images, shot by great artists like Giacomo Caneva, Pompeo Molins, Giuseppe Primoli, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Carlo Bavagnoli, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Pasquale De Antonis, Peter Lindbergh, Slim Aarons, and William Klein reveal the multiple identities of Rome.
The book, curated by Giovanni Fanelli, besides showing the most picturesque corners of the eternal city, it also features beautiful portraits of famous people, who have frequented Rome over the years and fell in love with it, among these: Louis Armstrong, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Anna Magnani, Valentino.
Must have: ZEFIRO
Zefiro is tribute to Rome, its dignity and classicism. A cryptic elixir of seducing smoke, resins and spices to summon the ancient spirit of Rome and its grandeur.When uncorked, wine, elemi resin and artemisia sing the introduction for the fuliginous frankincense which evokes a sacred and celestial ambiance with an inviting smoke and an oriental aura full of spices.
Cardamom and cinnamon added to honey enhance the sense of mystery of the incense, and are a promise for a lushly floral, powdery and woody core composed of divine carnation and velvety iris. Zefiro, smoky, enticingly warm and light, welcomes you to a spellbinding olfactive discovery.

Above: A Sophia Loren portrait taken from “Rome – Portrait of a City”, a book published by Taschen.