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Rolls Royce, the Luxury of Privacy


The Rolls Royce Phantom with the Privacy Suite option is a “mini-suite” that allows you to travel completely isolated from the outside, in absolute privacy

The concept of luxury can be declined in numerous ways. Rolls Royce proposes the new version of the Phantom, one of the most exclusive cars on the planet, which focuses on the luxury of absolute privacy. The famous English brand (owned by BMW) has recently presented the new model Privacy Suite, suitable for all those customers who want to travel in a “mini-suite” completely isolated from the outside.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Privacy Suite allows to isolate the rear area from the front one (where the driver is) by installing an electro-chromic glass. An option that, by simply pressing a button, allows passengers to obscure the glass and become “invisible” to their driver. The interior is also completely soundproofed so as to prevent private conversations from being heard by the driver, who can however be contacted at any time by passengers through a radio communication system.

From an opening controlled exclusively by the back area, documents and objects can also be passed from one area to another. A Bespoke Rear Theater Entertainment system including two 12″ displays both connected to the vehicle’s infotainment and an HDMI socket; make it possible to synchronize personal devices within the Privacy suite.

Above: The Rolls Royce Phantom Privacy Suite.