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The “Raw pop” of Altreforme


To celebrate 10 years of activity Altreforme has produced “Raw & Rainbow”, a limited edition collection that covers the aluminium with a pop aura.

Altreforme is an Italian company that produces collections of high-end contemporary furniture, and made to measure projects mainly made of aluminium. Altreforme was founded in 2008 as a diversification project of Fontana Group, since 1956 world leader in the design and production of luxury cars aluminium bodies, including Ferrari and Rolls Royce.

Altreforme transfers the know-how and the avant-garde technologies from the automotive sector to the design world, creating futuristic shapes, colours and finishes.

Faithful to a philosophy aimed at creating new scenarios and lifestyles, the brand celebrated its first 10 years of activity with the “Raw & Rainbow” collection.

“For the first 10 years of Altreforme, I wanted to celebrate the two souls of this Brand: the most material dedicated to aluminium in its purity and flexibility, and the most pop inspired by our colorful finishes,” explains Valentina Fontana Castiglione – founder and Art Director of the brand, “I chose 5 young Italian designers who had impressed me with their distinctive creative fair and I asked each of them to create two iconic objects, one more material and just raw, and the other colored with colours of the rainbow”. The designers involved are Serena Confalonieri, Marcantonio, Alessandro Zambelli and the duo Zanellato/Bortotto, and they have created ten very original objects, produced in limited edition, in which aluminium is transformed into a pop and ironic material.