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Rat Island, sustainable luxury


A project curated by Jendretzki Design involves the creation of a luxury eco resort in Rat Island, private island a few kilometres from New York.

The images of the project could be misleading. Indeed, we might find ourselves in a remote and uncontaminated island off the mainland. But no, we are just a few km from Central Park – in Rat Island, to be precise, which is one of the 44 islands composing the New York archipelago, in the Bronx district. Thanks to its position this private island, originally called Rattle Island for the rattles that locals used to warn sailors about the rocks, immediately seemed the perfect place for building a luxury resort surrounded by nature, however not far from the metropolis.

From an architectural point of view most of the resort was designed by American studio Jendretzki Design to be in close contact with water. Big windows placed at each cabin’s end offer a wide view of the hinterland and an old canal built a century ago was kept in the project so that canoes and small boats could get directly under the main building during high tide. Furthermore, luxury in this project goes hand in hand with sustainability. The wood and glass resort’s structures were designed to be zero-carbon and to operate solely by using solar and wind energy and rainwater harvesting points.