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Radical design on the table


Among these is the special edition of a Centerpiece designed in 1990 for Alessi

The collaboration between Ettore Sottsass and Alessi began in 1972.
At that time, the architect was already well known for his works for Olivetti and he was also known as the “guru of radical design”.
The basswood tree Centerpiece, which is now reproduced in a limited edition of 999 pieces, was originally part of the Twergi line, a collection of wooden objects made by artisans of the Strona Valley, located near Lake Orta, where Alessi has its headquarters. Nowadays the Centerpiece is still produced in the Strona Valley with woodturning techniques, and it has a structure characterized by overlapping elements.
Sottsass once said that, “Almost all the objects that I design have a base, they do not directly touch the ground. As soon as you put a shape on a base, the shape becomes immediately important, firmer; it becomes like a small monument”. The re-edition of the Twergi Centerpiece is thus a tribute to a great master, but also to the traditions of craft production, where the quality and the processing of the wood still matter.


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