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Que Viva Frida!


Above : “Naturaleza muerta (Soy de Samuel Fastlicht)”, Frida Kahlo.

The Museum of Cultures (MUDEC) of Milan pays tribute to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo putting on show her complex creative universe. The exhibition will include paintings (two of which have never been displayed before), drawings, and photographs.

Frida Kahlo is certainly the most famous and acclaimed Mexican painter of the twentieth century, especially after the great exhibition dedicated to her by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, back in 1990. Currently, the Mudec in Milan (Via Tortona, 56) dedicates an exhibition entitled “Frida Kahlo. Beyond the Myth”. It is certainly not the first time that the works of the famous artist are on show in Italy, but the current exhibition, for a number of reasons, definitely sheds new light on the meaning of her work. As the curator Diego Sileo explained, “The exhibition is the result of a journey that started in 2007, when on the occasion of the centenary of Frida’s birth, a new archive, hidden in the bathrooms of Casa Azul in Mexico City (house where Kahlo lived with her husband Diego Rivera), was discovered. Numerous were the findings, all of great interest, including documents, letters, photographs, clothes, prostheses and various other objects. From this moment onwards the idea of ​​organizing an exhibition that proposed something new started.” Among the unpublished aspects that the Milanese exhibition highlights there is that related to the artist’s passion for photography: “Frida had a complex personality, it was discovered that she also loved photography, an interest that until now we had ignored. The exhibition displays two of her photographs that hide behind them some technical advice provided by her friend Tina Modotti.” More than one hundred works are exhibited, paintings (including two never shown before) drawings, and photographs. The works on display do not follow a chronological order, as they are divided into core themes including Women, Nature, Politics, and Pain. “Frida Kahlo. Beyond the Myth” is open until June 3rd.

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