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Prince’s Intimate Moments


Prince’s premature death ripped a hole in the fabric of music. A beautiful book that collects images shot by Steve Parker has been currently published revealing the most intimate and seductive sides of the legendary musician from Minneapolis

“ Frequently, when Prince was in my office, and the phone started ringing … he stared at me questioningly as if to ask, ‘aren’t you picking up?’, I usually shrugged my shoulders and kept on working. Then one day, he began picking up the phone himself – usually using a disguised voice … I could only hear what he was saying on our side of the phone … ‘Hello, What did you need?’, and one time he ended up saying… ‘Sorry, madam, but we never see Prince personally’; and then he hung up laughing like a freak. ” This is just one of the numerous amusing anecdotes told by Steve Parke, in his photographic book “Picturing Prince”, which has recently been published in Italian by Rizzoli with the title “Forever Prince”. Parke worked side by side with Prince for 13 years as his Art Director, he designed everything from the album covers and the merchandise, to sets for Prince’s tours and videos. Through the numerous images, most of which are for the first time published in this book, Parke reveals to us an image of a creative, playful, irreverent, extrovert, but also tender and introspective genius.

A picture of Prince by Steve Parke. The picture is taken from ”Forever Prince” book, published in Italy by Rizzoli