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Pikovaya Dama, the scent of great literature


Xerjoff celebrates the Great Russian literature with a fragrance that takes its name from a story by the great poet and novelist Aleksandr Pushkin

Each perfume tells a story, making us experience fantastic worlds in which the impalpability of dreams acquires tangibility. The perfume manages to trigger “rêverie”, which embellishes our everyday life, enchanting it with new colours and sensations. This rule proves to be true also for Pikovaya Dama that enriches the 17/17 collection by Xerjoff. The essence, which wants to be a tribute to the great tradition of Russian literature, takes its name from the homonymous story
written by the greatest Russian poet, Aleksandr Pushkin.
Written in 1834 it tells the story of Hermann, an ambitious young officer and his clumsy attempt to steal from an old Countess a secret linked to playing cards.
By originally combining the fantastic, the realistic and the gothic elements of the story, heritage, the latter, of the German romantic fiction, and mixing it with a light ironic vein typical of Puskin, the writer is trying to warn all those who think they can achieve results in life through illicit means and without any sacrifice.
The story is characterized by a perfect balance between different elements, and supported by a style of clear and essential writing.
The same balance characterizes Pikovaya Dama by Xerjoff result of a perfect blend of Calabrian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Bulgarian Rose & Neroli, Coriander, Maroccan Atlas Cedar, Turkish Orris, Incense From Oman & Nutmeg Patchouli, Sandalwood From Ceylon, Musk & Bourbon Vanilla.Olfactory notes that evoke the magic of great literature.