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Peter Lindbergh: Fashion Humanism


The pureness of his black and white pictures has decisively influenced the course of fashion photography since the early 1980’s. We are speaking of Peter Lindbergh to whom the Reggia di Venaria Reale in Turin (Piazza della Repubblica 4) dedicates, until February 4th, an exhibition entitled: “Peter Lindbergh".

A Different Vision on Fashion Photography.” The Exhibition has been conceived, produced and realized by Kunsthal Rotterdam, in collaboration with the Peter Lindbergh Studio based in Paris, and the curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot. It is divided into 9 sections (Supermodels, Couturiers, Zeitgeist, Dance, The Dark Room, The Unknown, Silver Screen, Icons) and it displays a spectacular overview of Lindbergh’s extensive œuvre, from 1978 to nowadays, including exclusive material varying from previously unseen material from personal notes, storyboards, props, polaroids, contact sheets and films to monumental prints, in a large-scale installation of the photographer’s work. The curator explains, “This exhibition is not a chronological survey, but a narrative in which the visitor discovers Peter Lindbergh’s Universe through his unique eye, his powerful themes and his collaborations with artists like Pina Bausch and Jenny Holzer, but also highlights the humanism found in his work, seen in a social context. It says a lot about the his personal values, his vision on ageism, beauty and femininity, on social issues.”