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The Perfume of Art Permeates the Xerjoff Gallery


The Xerjoff gallery opens in Turin, dedicated to art and cultural events. The opening is entrusted to the visual artist Lia Pascaniuc who presents the exhibition “Liquid Life”

The scent evokes and connects different worlds, creating fascinating sensory synaesthesia. Basing himself on this awareness Sergio Momo created the Xerjoff brand, which from its origins communicates a strong closeness to various forms of creative expression, from art to design, and from fashion to architecture. On November 29th the Xerjoff Gallery was inaugurated in the flagship store in Via Cavour 1 in Turin, faithful to the philosophy that intends to place the perfume at the centre of a wider universe full of other stimulating references. The Gallery is an elegant and large space designed to host exhibitions and cultural events, to promote the possible dialogue between complementary artistic expressions.

A Gallery, as Mr. Momo said destined to become “an important reference point for different forms of art lovers. A unique and innovative formula presented for the first time in Turin, where the combination of perfume and art is supported by the same philosophy that characterizes the Xerjoff creations.” The activity of the Gallery was inaugurated by the exhibition “Liquid Life” by the visual artist Lia Pascaniuc, well-known for her unique use of photography, video, sculpture, holograms and new multimedia technologies, also site-specific. The exhibition offers a series of three-dimensional works and installations that portray the nature in continuous movement, emphasizing the beauty and fragility of our ecosystem, while a scent from the Xerjoff collection with marine notes named 40 Knots evokes the atmosphere of deep waters, and that of submerged and liquid life.

A hymn to the beauty of our planet that must be safeguarded to prevent climate changes due to global warning, which damage it irreversibly. Curated by Carla Testore, “Liquid Life” can be visited until January 19th.

Above: “I migranti ambientali dove andranno?” by Lia Pascaniuc