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Otherworld: Conviviality 2.0


A futuristic atmosphere characterizes the Otherworld in London, a room designed by the Red Deer architectural studio where between a virtual trip and another it is possible to savour California sensory poke or Mochi ice cream.

In the 1980’s, in video bars, equipped with TV screens that broadcasted music videos, one felt like being at the centre of modernity, nowadays such a thing simply makes you smile. Technologies have made other opportunities available, for all those who want more for their evenings than just a chat and drinks with friends.

Proof of this is the opening of the Otherworld, a venue located in Haggerston in London’s East End. Red Deer architecture studio designed the 250 square meters space. They transformed a railway arch, with colored neon lights, white walls and 14 cylindrical rooms into a futuristic environment halfway between Dan Flavin’s light installations and 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrik. But what is the peculiarity of this place? It is easy to say: as soon as you take a seat in one of the booths, giant screens light up, giving you access to a virtual reality of your choice and allowing you to interact with your friends. The offer includes 14 different situations ranging from a relaxing flight over the Amazon forest to the (aerial) exploration of places and cities around the world. The sensory experience is made complete by the possibility of perceiving the air on one’s face if one is flying over a forest or the scent of flowers if one is in a field.

Furthermore a very well matched list of food and drinks may be tasted during virtual journeys: ranging from a wide selection of California sensory poke to five different flavours of Japanese-inspired Mochi ice cream. The offer is completed by a wide selection of craft beers and different cocktails created exclusively for Otherworld by a well-known mixologist.