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Nio for Pisces


Xerjoff Horoscope 2019 - Nio for the sign of Pisces (February 20th - March 19th)

Pisces is the sign of introspection, endowed with a strong intuition and constantly suspended between dream and reality. After a year full of complications on various fronts, in 2019 you rebalance the instinctive-emotional component and improve communication with others by absorbing and reflecting the feelings of everyone in contact with you.

A few problems will arise in the professional field, which in some cases will also require drastic choices, as compromises are ill suited to the nature of your sign.

Personal relations undergo a period of uncertainty causing tensions and nervousness. January is a month, which requires a good dose of strength and energy for your sign. This is why the perfume that is most suitable for Pisces is Nio from Xerjoff’s Shooting Stars Collection.

This essence is in the spicy wood group and among its ingredients is Neroli, which boasts many properties. Among those best suited to the current astral phase of the Pisces is the ability to calm anxiety and emotions and to give strength and energy in case of physical and mental fatigue.