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Nino Migliori: neorealist experimenter


40 images of Nino Migliori -one of the most appreciated Italian photographers- are on display at the Astino Abbey in Bergamo in an exhibition entitled “Nino Migliori - Forme del vero”

In the beautiful setting of the Astino Abbey in Bergamo, (Via Astino, 13) an exhibition dedicated to Nino Migliori, one of the most authoritative Italian photographers.

His debut in photography took place after World War II, precisely in 1948, with a style that fluctuated between neorealism and conceptual -trait that always distinguished his work. Moreover, Nino Migliori has never limited himself to classic photography, but his work has always been characterized by research and experimentation. In some of his works he intervened on the plates and films with scratches and incisions (as in the series Cliché-verre), by burning the photographic film (Pirograms) or by drawing on the photographic paper with photographic fixers and processing liquids (Oxidations). On show in Bergamo the exhibition entitled “Nino Migliori, Forme del vero”, featuring 40 photographs chosen from the “Gente” series (photographs of people from Emilia and from different parts of Italy) and “Muri e manifesti strappati” series. Also on display one of Migliori’s most famous pictures, “Il Tuffatore” (The diver). Taken in 1951, the image shows two boys in Rimini, one sitting and the other in the act of diving. The exhibition can be visited until September 30th.

Above: Nino Migliori, Gente dell’Emilia Romagna, 1959