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Must read: Wanderlust – Hiking on Legendary Trails


“The earth is many planets that intersect only at moments,” said the American writer John Updike. And how to can we contradict him considering the diversity of ecosystems, topographies, cultures and histories that characterize the various parts of our planet.
A nice book by Gestalten entitled “Wanderlust - Hiking on Legendary Trails” is the witness of all this richness, which we unfortunately at times neglect or worse destroy.

Through evocative photographs this book transports us to the four corners of the world, making us walk through legendary trails: from The Zion Narrows Top Down Route in the Zion National Park (Utah) to El Caminito del Rey in Spain, and through the paths of the pilgrims Kumano Kodo immersed into lush and wild forests in Japan to the austere and mythological Land of The Giants in Norway. Detailed maps and a series of useful tips, notes and curiosities accompany each itinerary signed by Cam Honan who is defined by the Backpacker Magazine as the “Most Travelled Hiker on Earth”.

Must have: Ivory Route
Ivory Route
is dedicated to those people who love unconventional routes. It is the essence that suits all those who consider a journey an important occasion to open up themselves to the rest of the world, and overcome the boundaries within one’s self. Ivory Route is the perfume that encompasses an emotional, geographical map where every place is marked by a perfume that immediately reminds you of it, its light and its colors. A trip around original, intense olfactory sensations, with a high rate of adrenalin created with spicy notes, basil, sandalwood, patchouli and pimento.