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The Motorcycle, a Symbol of Beauty and Innovation


“Motocicletta - L’architettura della velocità” is an exhibition taking place at Forte Marghera (Mestre, Venice) that pays tribute to the streamline design and innovative technology of motorcycles.

An exhibition, dedicated to motorcycles – one of the most interesting and attractive symbols of the 20th-century design- will be on show until October 28th at Forte Marghera (Via Forte Marghera, 30) in Mestre (Venice). The exhibition entitled “Motocicletta – L’architettura della velocità” and curated by Marco Riccardi with the scientific direction of Gabriella Bell, presents 41 motorcycles and scooters, divided into eight sections (Scooter, Electric, Sport, Heritage, In Africa, The fundamental motorcycles, Author’s pieces, Hardy and refined) designed to offer a rundown of the most famous streamline forms of Italian motorcycling (with some forays among foreign brands).

The aim of the exhibition is to tell – through the ‘icons‘ created by the best industries in Italy – how the concepts of design and safety have evolved. After the war, Made in Italy began to become more popular and appreciated internationally and motorcycles become one of the spearheads of the Italian industry.

The motorcycle is the best symbol to demonstrate the cultural ferment that crossed Italy in the 1900’s and the propulsive technological drive of those times, which both have given rise to products that are not only innovative, but also of great beauty.

Above: Vespa Venice 2010