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Markus Benesch, Design’s “Curious boy”


The German designer Markus Benesch celebrates the playful side of design with the collection “Play” created for the brand Curious Boy

“As a child, German designer Markus Benesch explains, “my idol was Walt Disney’s Gyro Gearloose. I liked to invent things, to create new worlds. When I was nine years old I made a series of technical drawings related to a submarine; they were so detailed that they still amaze me for the precision … This was the first tangible expression of my passion for design …” A passion that over time has led him to collaborate with famous brands such as Benetton and Memphis and to maintain friendly relations and profitable intellectual exchanges with famous designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Alessandro Guerriero, Ettore Sottsass, and Andrea Brandi.

With these important people Benesch shares a critical approach to design, aimed at ensuring that the glamour side does not crush the project. “We live in a time in which designers are considered super heroes, superstars …” explains Benesch, “But for me the object, the work, the result is more important than the glamour side of the profession.” His latest collection, presented during the last edition of the Milan Design Week and created for the brand Curious Boy, is called “Play”.

It includes tables, cabinets, bowls and wallpapers. With it Benesch celebrates the playful character of design with a unique choice of materials and workmanship, in a pre-medieval-post-futuristic surreal scenario. All items of the collection are handmade by expert Bavarian artisans in collaboration with Markus Benesch.