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Mario Testino celebrates the irresistible Italian appeal


A thick photography volume titled “Ciao. Omaggio all’Italia” celebrates Italian style and creativity. Its author is Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, who states that his passion for fashion derives right from the Belpaese.

If there is an aspect that this pandemic has clearly highlighted, this is the love that Italy internationally benefits from. In fact artists, representatives of the cultural elite and celebrities sent warm messages of affection from all over the world when the Belpaese was the first European country to be hit by the virus. Among those admirers of our country we can mention the famous Peruvian photographer Mario Testino that has recently released a volume titled “Ciao. Omaggio all’Italia” for Taschen.

The book was conceived before the pandemic and brings together an accurate selection of pictures chosen by the author for their ability to fully express the Italian spirit and style. For Mario Testino the discovery of Italy was the same as discovering his passion for fashion, a universe where he managed to express his photographic vision at his best in 40 years of activity. “Rome –reminds Testino- was all about the hottest, latest trends and fresh new styling, and I loved the way Italians could shed the latest look for an even newer thing without ever losing their own identity.” Organized in three different sections, “In giro” (out and about), “Alla Moda” (in fashion) and “Al mare” (at sea), the volume offers both Italian and English texts and avails itself of the editorial contribution of best known writer and journalist Alain Elkann.

“Mario Testino. Ciao. Omaggio all’Italia” is also available in a limited Art Edition of 100 copies, each one autographed by the author.

Above: Detail of the book cover “Mario Testino“Ciao. Omaggio all’Italia” edited by Taschen