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Marianne’s capability


Marianne Faithfull, the well-known 60’s icon, releases “Negative Capability” a very profound album, filled with moving and soft sounds

It is inevitable to connect Marianne Faithfull to the 60’s, to the unstoppable creativity of the Swinging London, the Rolling Stones and to Mick Jagger in particular, of whom she was a lover and muse. That of Marianne was a “sex, drug & rock’n’roll” life. Marianne’s reputation as a “bad girl” has gone well beyond the glories and excesses of the ’60s, including various existential crises and problems of drug addiction. Adversities that nevertheless have never dried up her creative vein; over the years these difficulties resulted in excellent albums such as the legendary “Broken English”, or the equally brilliant “Strange weather” and “Kissin’ Time” composed with the collaboration of some of the best rock musicians such as Beck, Billy Corgan, Damon Albarn, and Jarvis Cocker. Today, Marianne Faithfull, who is now over 70 yrs old, realizes a new work that has already been defined by some as one of the top works of her career for the intensity with which she deals with topics such as love, friendship, loss, time passing by and even social issues such as the terrible terrorist massacre at the Bataclan in Paris that took place a few years ago.

Made with the contribution of great musicians such as Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Marc Lanegan, and Ed Harcourt the album includes 3 successful covers of well-known songs such as “As tears go by” by Rolling Stones, “It’s all over now baby blue” by Bob Dylan and the “Loneliest Person” originally written by The Pretty Things. The title chosen for the album “Negative Capability” has been borrowed from John Keats. According to the well-known English poet, “Negative Capability” is the ability of great artists and writers to search for beauty even in situations of great uncertainty, confusion and obscurity. After all, it’s a little of what Marianne Faithfull has done throughout her life

Here you can see the video of the album’s first single “The Gypsy Faerie Queen” featuring Nick Cave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndseNmYb4s0

Above: Marianne Faithfull during the sixties