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Magnum Photos, pictures and conversations during quarantine


Among the most important photo agencies, Magnum Photos has documented the pandemic through two interesting initiatives: “Diary of a pandemic” and “Quarantine Conversation”.

From the beginning of lockdown, many photographers have captured the new face of places thanks to works of strong visual impact that will remain imprinted in our memory for a long time. And Magnum Photos, one of the most important photo agencies in the world, was no exception to this assignment. Founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour, George Rodger and William Vandivert, Magnum has been documenting wars, catastrophes and social events for over seventy years of history with many photos taken all over the world. Loyal to its philosophy of always being on top of things, Magnum has dealt with the pandemic by promoting two interesting initiatives.

“Diary of a pandemic” is a collection of shoots that the photographers of the agency have realized during the lockdown period and the reopening days. Pictures are accompanied by considerations and thoughts that describe the emotional state of lockdown days and the slow return to normal life. “Quarantine Conversation” instead is a series of double interviews between photographers based on a random extraction. Interviews last half an hour and each participant asks three questions to the other one.

Conversations frankly face the most disparate issues comparing photographers that are very different from one another like Newsha Tavakolian and Rafal Milach, Stuart Franklin and Mark Power, David Alan Harvey and Martin Parr. Both pictures and conversations are available on Magnum website (www.magnumphotos.com) as well as on Facebook and Instagram pages of the agency.

Above: Alex Majoli Italy. Catania, Sicily. April 10 2020. Controls in the retirement house where the virus has been spreading. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos