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The Lunar Landscapes by Stefano De Rosa


An exhibition, dedicated to the astrophotographer Stefano De Rosa, is held at the Xerjoff Gallery in Turin celebrating the bewitching beauty of the Moon.

Xerjoff’s vocation to interrelate with the most diverse artistic expressions results in an exhibition taking place at the Xerjoff’s Flagship Store Gallery located in Turin               (Via Cavour 1) until December 8th. The exhibition entitled “Dal Po al mare della tranquillità” (“From the Po river to the sea of tranquility”) collects several shots by Stefano De Rosa all portraying the Moon as the protagonist. The images produced by this astrophotographer are the result of meticulous planning and the obtained through the use of powerful telephoto lenses thanks to which the dimensions of the Moon appear magnified, creating unusual perspectives with the adjacent monuments and landscapes it illuminates.

The Mole Antonelliana, the basilica of Superga, the Monte dei Cappuccini, the Rocciamelone, Stupinigi, the Medieval Village, and the Alps shine with a new light thanks to the magical presence of the “silver celestial body”. On display also three works published by NASA on the website “Astronomy picture of the day”: Blue Moon (2009), Full Moon and Rocciamelone at dawn (2012), Superluna with Alpi and Superga (2017). It is no coincidence that Xerjoff chose to dedicate an exhibition dedicated to the Moon. Xerjoff recently launched Apollonia a perfume, which with its bewitching notes of white flowers celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon. A perfect synergy that once again shows that there are no barriers between the different artistic forms when the purpose is to pursuit beauty.