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Beauty Will Save The World


Though ethereal, impalpable, evenescent, when perfume enters our life, it takes on an incredibly strong ans marked presence.

When its essence affects our sense of smell it brings magic with it. In our mind a fantastic world full of remembrances as well as desires and expectations takes shape.
Perfume’s levity has the power to conjure up fantastic landscapes and stimulate our imagination through a fascinating ravishment of the senses:
a particular tone will suggest a shape, and in turn a colour, an ambience, setting in motion an infinite play of synaesthetic connections.

The idea behind Xerjoff magazine stems from this awareness, from a desire to actualize the worlds that perfume has invited us to dream and imagine.
These lavishly differentiated universes are bound up by a creativity – whether fashion, art or design – that has excellence as its common feature.
In the pages of Xerjoff excellence translates as beauty. It is a beauty that has nothing to do with stereotyped codes and over the top vulgarity;
in fact, it belongs rather to all those beautiful things crafted with love and attention by taking all the time that is needed to look after every detail.
This is the essential condition for all things made by man for man: they must be imbued with a sense of planned and meaningful purposiveness.

We live in an age dominated by consumption, often irresponsible, fast and voracious. All too often, in this world things are not allowed to show themselves for what they are and to tell their own story,
as if their appearance covered a substantial emptiness, which has compelled them to retreat.
We think otherwise, in the belief that beauty has not left us yet. It may be harder to find than in the past, more exclusive and hidden, but it still survives.
You only have to know where to look for it. Xerjoff magazine intends to go in search of it, wherever and in whatever shape it lives on, in order to bring it to our readers, sure in the belief that living amidst soulful things makes our life richer and more exciting.

We believe, as Fedor Dostoevskij did, that “Beauty will save the world”.

Sergio Momo, Founder