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Kenneth Cobonpue: the forms of nature


It is the fascinating and flourishing nature that influences the works of Kenneth Cobonpue, a Filipino designer who creates handcrafted collections with natural fibres and materials

From a niche practice, followed by a few and enlightened designers, sustainability is now becoming a widespread design trend, and, given the conditions of our planet, now almost indispensable. Kenneth Cobonpue is one of the designers who, from the beginning of his career, showed sensitivity towards nature and towards sustainable production.

After several studies carried out in America, Italy and Germany, in 1987, Cobonpue took the lead of the Kenneth Cobonpue brand by creating collections using craft techniques, applied to natural fibres and materials. The circle is the form that this Filipino designer prefers because it represents life, symbolizing the infinite nature of energy – the perpetual cycle of giving and taking. Among his latest creations there is the Zaza seat with its dramatic plume and its generous scale. An original tribute to nature, with seemingly delicate fronds wrapped in microfiber that not only provide a supple and ample support, but also a theatrical backdrop for any space. Also noteworthy is the Babar collection (including sofa, relax armchair, pouf) whose structure is wrapped in an exclusive weave inspired by the natural beauty of elephant skin.

Above: Zaza Setting. Design: Kenneth Cobonpue