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Italy in Steve McCurry’s heart


American photographer Steve McCurry has created a video titled “Tribute to Italy” to express his true love to this beautiful country.

Even if, due to force majeure, American photographer Steve McCurry can’t be physically here, he has paid tribute to Italy by sharing a video on YouTube. Among the most celebrated photographers of Magnum Photos agency, McCurry has experimented different types of photography in his career, from street photography to war reportages through urban photography and portraits. He is in fact best known for his Afghan Girl portrait.

The video is a montage of images shot in Italy, depicting not only places but also people and special moments like the olives picker, the farmer in the field, a couple seated on a Vespa scooter, a Venetian gondolier taking a break and a Sunday lunch in the countryside. Italy described by McCurry shows an ancient charm, strictly connected to traditions. It’s the Italy of villages, of the countryside and picturesque landscapes. Images are accompanied by famous notes of “Nessun Dorma” from Turandot by Puccini and are mixed with authors’ quotes explaining why Italy is considered such an extraordinary beautiful country. With these words McCurry introduces his homage to Italy:

“Italy has drawn me back more times than I can count. The Italian ethos is based on living well and to the fullest, and that joy of living remains even in these times. Over the past two months, the Italian spirit has now captured our attention and respect. Throughout this Covid-19 worldwide challenge, Italians have selflessly and heroically dealt with unimaginable tragedy, yet no one doubts that they will triumph over this adversity. I stand with all the Italian people. You are always in my heart”.

To see the video click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8xPukESw18

Above: One of the images of the video “Tribute to Italy” by Steve McCurry