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iSphere, like in a science-fiction film


Characterized by an aesthetics that looks back at the comics of the 50’ and the sci-fi cinema, iSphere is a transparent, spherical face shield created by art collective Plastique Fantastique.

Who, during this pandemic period, felt like living in a sci-fi catastrophic movie in which the worst threats to the Earth planet sadly come true? Definitely, many of us. And Berlin-based art collective Plastique Fantastique has worked right on this state of mind by creating iSphere, a transparent, spherical face shield that protects wearers against Coronavirus. According to Marco Canevacci (Dr. Trouble) and Yena Young (Ms. Bubble), members of the collective: “This pandemic is changing our relation to each other and affecting our perception of reality. This virus is very democratic: it spreads over the borders, has no preference for gender, social, cultural, or economic status. In this time of lockdown, we wonder about the mutation of our social life and the effects of the deprivation of physical touch.” iSphere is the concrete result of these thoughts.

The designers further explain: “its iconic design is inspired by the science fiction comics of the 50s and the creations of the utopian movements of the 60s. It’s pop and it belongs to everybody. It’s a funny and serious object that stimulates how to approach this exceptional situation”. Open source project (you will find all the instructions about how to create it on the website of the collective), iSphere is cheap and you will only need two transparent plastic hemispheres, some glue and a pair of scissors to create it. And you can modify it according to your preferences.

Plastique Fantastiques suggests how to customize it: “It can have a sunshade, a mirrored layer, an integrated microphone, a speaker, a ventilator, or a snorkel”.