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InterContinental Wonderland: Underground Luxury


The InterContinental Wonderland, which has recently opened not far from Shanghai, is the first hotel in the world to have been built below ground level

The main reason to visit the InterContinental Wonderland, a 5-star hotel located an hour away from Shanghai, is not the beauty of the landscape that can be seen in most of its rooms. The reason, to visit it, lies in the fact that this recently inaugurated structure after 10 years of work is a reputable engineering exercise.

The hotel is the first in the world to have been built below ground level. 19 floors, 17 of which were built in an abandoned quarry 88 meters high, make up the hotel’s structure. The last two floors are totally immersed underwater with the aim of offering fascinating submerged visions to the guests who will occupy the rooms of these floors. The project had an overall cost of 300 million dollars, which also includes the cost of the amusement park that runs alongside the hotel. The InterContinental Wonderland was designed by the English architect Martin Jochman (founder of the Jade + QA studio), famous for having collaborated with the studio Atkins, the same studio that has designed the Burj Al Arab– the famous Dubai sail that is also the third tallest hotel in the world.

The InterContinental Wonderland is characterized by a round shape, and it offers 337 extra-luxury rooms with a view of an artificial waterfall located on one side of the quarry. Various attractions for sports lovers are offered such as a water sports centre set up in the lower part of the quarry, a climbing area a few floors above and a bungee jumping platform on top of it.