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Ignacio De Petra, dreamlike suggestions


Ignacio De Petra, experimenter of different photographic languages, is the protagonist of an exhibition entitled “Reconfiguration” on show at the L'inde Le Palais in Bologna



Capturing the dreamlike moment in which time and light magically interact, is the strength of the images shot by Ignacio De Petra, Spanish photographer and video maker.
The curator and art critic Sabina Ghinassi describes Ignacio De Petra with these words: “Ignacio belongs to those kind of artists who deliberately choose to avoid labels, and sharp borders… As an artist he moves free, countercurrent, because he is an experimenter of photographic languages ​​firmly anchored to “taking” photos, in times when the continuous manipulation of the images is more common”.
The works of this photographer are on show at the Sala Oro of the historic Atelier Policardi annex to the L’inde Le Palais Men’s Store (Via de’ Foscherari 19c) in Bologna until February 13th, concurrently with Arte Fiera 2018. The protagonists of the exhibition entitled “Reconfiguration” are Venetian masks, which through a refined technique free of manipulations and post-production the artist transforms from “unreal subjects into real”. Purposely lacking clearness, lively and vital, these shots offer dreamlike suggestions, which are the result of a technical competence that expresses a singular beauty.



Must Have:  Mefisto – Casamorati Profumi 1888
While the name may conjure images of fire and brimstone, Mefisto is a male essence attractive and sexy obtained from the skillful combination of citrus, flowers and woods in a classic Italian style. Mefisto, hides its true identity behind a name, revealing itself little by little. Just like when we dress up for Carnival, we play a role, inviting those who look at us to go beyond the appearances
Top notes: Bergamot, grapefruit and Amalfi lemon. Middle notes: Lavender, iris and rose. Base notes: musk, sandalwood, Virginia cedar and amber.