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Hotel Paradiso: cinema in a room


Hotel Paradiso, the world’s first cinema-hotel with an immense collection of films from all over the world to watch in absolute comfort from your room, just opened in Paris.

Its name is Hotel Paradiso, as a tribute to “Cinema Paradiso”, famous film by Giuseppe Tornatore, true act of love towards the expressive power of the “Seventh art”. A name not chosen by chance, given that this place is the world’s first cinema-hotel. Designed by brothers Nathanaël and Elisha Karmit, owners of Mk2, famous production company promoting auteur cinema, Hotel Paradiso is at 135 Boulevard Diderot in Paris, next to Place de la Nation. It is made up of 34 rooms developed as private movie theatres: in some windows become big screens, some instead have wall screens. The best view is from the bed but in the suites you can enjoy movies also from the bathtub. Furthermore, on the top floor there are two suites with bigger spaces and a private cinema hall with a projector like the ones used in large movie theatres.

Finally, on the roof is a terrace equipped to become a small outdoor arena with a panoramic view on Ville Lumiere. The project’s realisation saw the collaboration of many creative talents: artist Christian Boltanski made an inscription with coloured bulbs, “Cinéma-Vie-Art”, Ruben Brulat redesigned some images and movie posters adorning the hotel’s hallways and rooms. Photographer-artist JT made two huge murals on the façades of the buildings facing the hotel dedicated to two classics of the history of cinema: “The Kid” by Charlie Chaplin and “Safety Last by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, works overlooking a courtyard that you can only see from the hotel’s rooms and terrace. The menu proposed by Marc Grossman of Bob’s Juice Bar in Paris is also very nice but, being this a cinema-hotel, they obviously had to include in the offer traditional popcorn in organic version together with sweet and salty snacks, that can be ordered from your room using a tablet.