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Hotel Café Royal: a home for creativity


In over 150 years of history, Hotel Café Royal in London has been frequented by the highest aristocracy and by famous people such as Virginia Woolf, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, Brigitte Bardot and Oscar Wilde. Now the Ziggy’s, a cocktail bar dedicated to the well-known character created by David Bowie, will open inside the Hotel

Located in the heart of London (68 Regent St) between the chic Mayfair and the creative Soho, Hotel Café Royal has been an important benchmark of the city’s society for over 150 years. A popularity that the place has earned also thanks to the fact that, over the years, it has been frequented by many famous figures, among whom Virginia Woolf, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, Brigitte Bardot and Oscar Wilde (to whom the Hotel dedicated an elegant bar).

With a view to continue being a hub for creativity, the Hotel has recently inaugurated a cocktail bar called  Ziggy’s in honour of the most beloved character among the many alter egos embodied by David Bowie. The cocktails offered are all inspired by the iconic 1972 album “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars”. Among these the most distinctive ones are ‘Tigers on Vaseline’, an interpretation of piña colada, that gets its name from the lyrics of “Hang On To Yourself” , or ‘Darkness and Disgrace’, (a rum-laced espresso Martini) deriving instead from the lyrics of Lady Stardust. It is no coincidence that the cocktail bar dedicated to Bowie was opened in this Hotel.

Indeed, here the famous rock star organised the farewell to his character Ziggy Stardust with the well-known ‘Last Supper’ also involving Lou Reed and Mick Jagger, among others, after the famous concert at Hammersmith Odeon, that marked the last appearance of Ziggy on the show. To remember that legendary night the Ziggy’s is fully decorated with pictures taken by Mick Rock, telling about that so much dreamt-about dinner. Finally, in the bar there obviously had to be a Jukebox, fully dedicated to the Thin White Duke’s discography.

Above: Hotel Cafe Royal, Dome Penthouse,  Terrace.