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The Hortensia Armchair has bloomed!


Created on Instagram as "the chair that could not be made", the Hortensia Armchair, designed by Andrés Reisinger and Julia Esqué, today is produced by Moooi in limited edition.

The story of the Hortensia Armchair shows very well today’s ability of social networks to influence (and reveal) people’s tastes as well as to determine brands’ choices. Designed as a digital concept (a 3D rendering) for Instagram, Hortensia has quickly gone viral. A real success in terms of appreciation and popularity that convinced Moooi, the well-known Dutch company directed by Marcel Wanders and Robin Bevers, to produce it in limited edition. The project was curated by Argentinian designer Andrés Reisinger and Spanish product designer Julia Esqué, who created a special covering for “Hortensia”.

Named “Petal”, it combines long, pink-polyester stripes of fabric with scalloped edges, laser-cut and gathered in groups of 40 different units that gain shape and volume thanks to the assembly of over 30,000 petals. In a period like the one we are going through, where nature is very often lived as a mirage, “Hortensia” brings a blast of fresh air in our home interiors: it is a soft, reassuring and cozy object capable of providing the same regenerating feeling that you would feel if you lied down in a flower. Great satisfaction for the project’s outcome was also shown by Marcel Wanders who said: “At Moooi we try to make designer’s dreams come true. With the worldwide availability of the Hortensia Armchair, I’m glad we could make that happen.” This statement was echoed by that of Andrés Reisinger who has shown as much fulfilment for a fully successful operation: “I really wanted to make this project happen with Moooi. I knew that with their collection having a fine line between art and design, there was no better place for the Hortensia Chair.”