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Hollywood Stars’ Mansions, Between Luxury, Elegance and Excesses


What do Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, Gary Cooper and Leonardo Di Caprio have in common? Simple, they all have chosen Southern California as a location to build their villas. A book entitled “Hollywood Modern. Houses of the Stars” unveils some of these luxurious residences.

Southern California also thanks to its breath-taking natural landscapes can boast a singular record, that of hosting the highest concentration of celebrities.

In this part of the States many movie stars own (or have owned) prestigious villas that an elegant illustrated book published by Rizzoli America allows us to discover. The book, entitled “Hollywood Modern. Houses of the Stars”, is curated by Lan Hess and Michael Stern, and it discusses the relationship between design and celebrities presenting 25 homes designed by famous architects (among whom Ed Niles, Richard Neutra, A. Quincy Jones, John Lautner, and Donald Wexler) for their famous and rich customers. “California – says Stern – is the land of dreams where everything seems possible and this explains why these homes are characterized by a very creative and sometimes a little crazy style.” Bob Hope’s villa, famous movie and TV star, is a good example.

Designed in the 80’s by John Lautner and located between the Southbridge Valleys in Palm Springs with a beautiful panoramic view of the Coachella Valley, the sumptuous house, shaped like a volcano, covers an area of 2171 square meters in addition to the rest of the immense estate. In short, it is an area that is so extensive to require the use of a car to tour around it. Thus, Hope uses a small electric car with the caricature of his face designed on the bodywork.

Above: Steve McQueen’ House