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“Here comes the sun” to keep safely friendly


Conceived by British designer Paul Cocksedge, “Here comes the sun” is a funny blanket to be used during outdoor social happenings that helps us keeping the right distance.

Since most countries (at least in Europe) have left behind the worst phase of the pandemic, it’s now time for everybody to face a new series of issues.

One of this is the need to keep social distancing in all those places that were empty during lockdown, but that are now packed with people. As scientists keep reminding us, the virus has not completely disappeared, it is still circulating. And it is our civil responsibility to behave in a proper way in order to make sure the virus won’t regain strength and cause a new pandemic wave. To help us living our social relations safely while keeping the right distance, designer Paul Cocksedge has figured out a simple and playful solution. “Here comes the sun” is a reinterpretation of a typical picnic blanket, well suited to the time of Covid-19.

“Lockdown has given rise to some amazing bursts of creativity and I wanted to create something positive that looks towards the future.” affirmed Cocksedge. “After lockdown, social interactions will surely generate uncertainty. Despite being a designer who works with sizes and measurements on a daily basis, I sometimes find it hard to accurately interpret two meters – which I think is a common problem shared by many at the moment. “Here Comes the Sun” blanket is therefore not only a funny answer to this problem, but also a democratic piece of design since it is available to download for free and can be made by anyone.”

It is in fact possible to get the instructions about how to realize “Here Comes The Sun” at the following address: