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Hana Karim: precious craftsmanship


After years of making precious ceramic jewels the Slovenian ceramist, Hana Karim, daughter of two artists, has created a collection of household items characterized by fascinating colors.

Hana Karim, grew up between art studios and ceramic workshops in the western part of Slovenia, precisely in Ljubljana, where her parents, both artists, pushed her to consider craftsmanship as a form art and as an effective way for expressing creativity.

After spending ten years making ceramic jewels, she has decided to extend her creativity to household goods thus she created a collection that includes vases and bowls. The collection is characterized by a rich range of colors among which different shades of turquoise that according to the ceramist inspires tranquility, the same feeling that pervades us observing ocean waves. “Every time I try to explain my work – said Hana – I become poetic and emotional. I would say that my creations perfectly express what I am, the way I perceive myself in a given moment. If I feel determined my forms will express this state of mind and the same will happen if I am in love. The less successful creations in general are those that arise when my soul is dominated by chaos. The most interesting ones are instead the product of total harmony, or disharmony, with what surrounds me“.