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Federico Fellini’s Fulgor Cinema in Rimini reopens


“Living a dream is like making a movie,” said Federico Fellini. And the reopening of the Fulgor cinema in Rimini, a place intimately linked to the great Italian director, is a dream come true.

After 5 years of major restoration works, Cinema Fulgor has reopened its doors. As all people who love movies know, it is a place intimately
tied to the memory of Federico Fellini. It is the cinema where Fellini saw his first film, “Maciste all’inferno”; he used to pay for his tickets by drawing portraits of the stars in the films shown. It is where he fell in love with Gradisca, as revealed in Amarcord.
Developed in an Art Nouveau building located in Corso d’Augusto 162, the Fulgor embodies Fellini’s poetry.
More than a simple refurbishment, the restoration has involved a precise work aimed at recreating, inside and outside, the atmospheres dear to Fellini. With this idea in mind and following the project designed by Maestro Dante Ferretti, Studio Forme in Rome worked seven months to implement the project.
A period of time, during which it was essential to follow the guidelines provided by Ferretti’s design and carry out a meticulous work of research to learn more about the styles, the atmosphere and the trends of the 30’s and 40’s. A successful and fascinating project that includes the foyer at the ground floor and two rooms dedicated to film exhibitions, Sala Federico and Sala Giulietta, in the style of 1930’s Hollywood.

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