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The fairy-tale universe of Tim Walker at the V&A Museum in London


The V&A Museum of London dedicates a rich retrospective to Tim Walker, whose images dedicated to the world of fashion and Hollywood stars evoke a fairy-tale universe.

“Each of my pictures is a love letter. Each of my pictures tries to break the boundaries of reality, the walls built by the society, to celebrate beauty in all its forms and the wonderful diversity of mankind”.

With these meaningful words Tim Walker explains the poetics of his work that he was able to express collaborating with the most important magazines and most renowned fashion brands. Born in 1970 in U.K., Walker made his debut in the world of photography before finishing high school, collaborating with the archive of Cecil Beaton at Condé Nast Library in London and becoming assistant of Richard Avedon after taking a degree. His collaboration with Vogue began when he was 25 and since then he started a career that brought him to capture the best of the fashion system and of Hollywood.

To celebrate his undeniable talent the V&A Museum in London (Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge) dedicates him the retrospective “Tim Walker – Wonderful Things”. The exhibition, that will open next 21st September, will be set up by set designer Shona Heath. Each room of the Museum will be dedicated to a chapter of Walker’s career, from the room of his muses (Tilda Swinton and Kate Moss) to the photo shootings for big brands like Marc Jacobs or Gucci. Overall the exhibition, that can be visited until 20th March 2020, will recreate that fairy-tale universe characterized by pastel colors, essential trait of the style of Walker.