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The emancipation also happens through a hat


The feminine emancipation seen through the hats worn by women over the years. This is the theme of an ongoing photo exhibition at Showroom Alidem in Milan

The recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reconfirmed the hat as an essential element of the dress code in the British gala events, shown in endless ways: colored, in strange shapes, large or tiny, cheerful ones, the fascinator, large brim. A very glamorous accessory with a refined elegance, especially if we take into consideration costume and fashion; but when analyzed in a sociological point of view, the hat unveils lots of interesting meanings.

In reality, nothing can change your personality as much as hat does. And nothing like a white or black hat, a halo hat or a pointy one, a good girl or a bad girl hat, an evening or a men’s hat: with these, women were able to choose their role in society.

In other words, women’s emancipation can be retraced also through the different hats that were worn in time. And this is the theme of this ongoing exhibition “Cosa ti sei messa in testa” at Showroom Alidem di Milano (Via Luigi Galvani 24) up to September 15th. You can find a collection of 180 “anonymous” European and American shots, ideally starting from Emma Bovary straw hat, symbol of the denied freedom, reaching (with an Edwardian exaggeration) the canotier, hats with veil, the cloche, the turbans to finally get to Valentina Tereškova’s space helmet, the first woman astronaut in space.